Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting Fresh

Today is starting out good, considering. I mean, I've only been awake an hour. I have a cup of coffee (which I will never give up, never) and a bowl of Kashi Go Lean oatmeal with extra protein and I'm gonna have an apple as a snack in a bit. Yay.

Yesterday was one of those days where I just felt like Debbie Downer. Ol' Negative Nancy was I. I felt like there was something that needed to be done but, I just couldn't figure out what it was. I'm guessing being closed the past few weeks has done a number on me. I kept getting this overwhelming feeling of "oh shit." I've yet to figure out why. But, I tried to make it all better by getting a bacon cheeseburger, fries and diet coke to even it out. It didn't work.

I started writing this morning and got side tracked. Who knows why. I don't have adult ADHD or anything like that. I just get on a task and then get interrupted and interrupted and interrupted and I have to start over and forget what I was doing to start with. The interruption this morning was doggy poo on the floor. Freaking dog. How do you potty train a dog anyway? I say, "come on Jax, come on Jaxy boy, let's go potty, come on buddy, potty, seriously, come on Jax, Jax, dammit, dammit dog go!" That doesn't seem to be doing the trick. My other dog is potty trained, crate trained and a good girl but, she came that way.

Anywho, today has been good. Had my coffee and oatmeal this morning, got side tracked on the apple snack, went to the studio and worked a bit, came home had a huge brightly colored salad, (that was fabulous by the way) and then had a few pear slices. I've also only had 1 diet mt. dew (the devil) and I drank a couple glasses of water. The whole drink 8 glasses of water a day thing really gets me. Do you not pee yourself to death? Seriously. Drink water, pee, drink water, pee, drink water, pee, repeat. I don't have time to go pee. I've got crap to do. If I keep drinking the water will my bladder get used to all the extra liquid??

Here's something that I randomly realized today while eating my brightly colored salad, radishes serve no purpose. I thought they were spicy or had a kick to them, not these. It was like eating a water chestnut, no purpose. Told ya, random thought.

Back to yesterday, I went grocery shopping. I bought the produce section out boy! I got red grapes, avocados, pears, cremini mushrooms, baby bellas, cilantro, parsley, radishes (waste o' money), carrots, yellow and red bell peppers, garlic, onion (red & yellow), lettuce, spinach, red cabbage, sugar snap peas and get this...TOFU. I bought flippin' tofu. I found a recipe for potato salad (from the salad link I posted on Monday) that says to add in tofu with the potato that way you vamp up the protein and have the same texture as the potato without as many carbs. We shall see about this. I will keep you posted on my tofu-ee. I also bought lots of ground turkey. I love ground turkey. I never ever buy ground beef, not even for burgers, it makes me happy! I got lots of spices too. If you haven't checked out the spice section in your local gro sto lately, you should. McCormick has these little neato packs of spices that are already measured out for you with the recipe on them, genius. I got a couple to try out, I will let you know how that works out too!

Let's talk turkey people! Like I said, I like the ground turkey. I like it a lot....

Yep, that is how much I like it! I have learned a few things about the ground turkey though and that is number one - it's better when you chop it small, the big hunks of meat can get kind of a weird spongey feeling if you leave them huge. I'm not talking grind them up to taco hell quality meat but, chop it smaller than normal for chili and taco salads and such. The second is that when you are making turkey burgers, do not add in a bunch of seasoning then knead the meat like dough. It gets this strange consistency that totally grosses me out and it will probably gross you out too. If textures don't bother you, disregard all of the above! I put ground turkey in everything! You can make chili, meatloaf, taco salad, well - anything that you put ground beef/chuck in, duh-ruh.

More turkey talk, turkey breast! Whole turkey breast can feed you for days! Swear to it and you can put that mug in a crock pot! There are 2 options in the frozen turkey section, boneless and well, not. I usually go with boneless because, I don't want to dig the bones out when it's cooked and it's easier and I like easy. These stupid little birds come with gravy attached to them. Throw it away. It's liquid fat. Trust me, you won't miss it. If you don't thaw out your birdy before you put it in the crock pot getting the gravy packet off can be a real biatch so, thaw the bird! Now, you need a bigger crockpot, not a little tiny one. I'm not crockpotologist so, I don't know the dimesions but, you cannot get a turkey breast in a $9.99 clearance crock pot. Here's what you need to cook the birdy... water (checkity check), beef or chicken boulion cube and seasonings (you pick - not too much salt though!!) Now, you have to add 4 cups of water to the turkey IF IT DOES NOT HAVE BONES. If it has bones, a cup and a half should work. Put all that jazz in a crock pot, set it to low and go to bed or work and leave it, all day or night. When you wake up or get home you have LOTS of turkey. You can eat it alone and add some veggies, it makes a wrap (I use the spinach wraps, add some marinated artichoke hearts and just a tiny bit of provolone or swiss, melt in the microgoround), the next day turkey salad is jumpin (I add blueberries, walnuts, spicey mustard, cinnamon and greek yogurt).

Now, go out and buy some ground turkey, STAT!

And, check out this Facebook page... Skinny Ms. Slow Cooker

Alright.. I shall holla.


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