Monday, March 11, 2013

Been a Minute...

Hi, my name is Jamie and I'm a codependent, procrastinating, moody, stress eater. I'm also nearly a year late on blogging. What me procrastinate? Nah.

Since my last bloggy post I have gained weight instead of losing it, downsized my business (I'm so bored but, that's another post) and got married! Yes, married. Big girl done walked down the isle in a big ol' white dress. Didn't diet for it, didn't tan, nothing. Planned it in 4 weeks. Guess what, not pregnant either! Ha. I adore my husband. Not only is he my exact match, but he loves my girl. Now, I have two step-daughters and (gasp) a little grandbaby swirl girl. B-a-n-a-n-a-s. I know. Life is good.

So, I'm back on the wagon. The "I need to lose weight and get fit wagon". I swear this weekend I ate so much food I could have vomited. What the heck is wrong with me?? I have the, "I need to clear my plate" syndrome. Seriously, you betta believe when they come pick my plate up off the table, that mug just needs a little wipe down.

I watched a few of those "foodie" documentaries on Netflix and let me tell you, we are eating the most disgusting stuff on the planet. But, why o' why is it so freaking good? I like my saturated poly fatness. Unfortunately, it looks like all that jazz contains cancer causing scariness. Here's my new deal, eat organic and raw as much as possible. No processed, boxed meals. No hormone injected meat. No yummy bag of goodness.

Yesterday began this detoxification of fatness. I made this amazing chicken soup. Never in a million years did I think that a soup with kale in it would be good. It is fabulous. Here's a link to the chicken soup, of course, I found it on Pinterest. Is there a better invention than that? I mean, Pinterest people, I heart you. Anyway, the soup is yummy and filling and makes enough for DAYS.

This morning, I had broiled grapefruit. Another Pinterest find. You can find the details to the grapefruit here. I adjusted it a little and used Stevia instead of brown sugar and maraschino cherry juice and it was still awesome.

I've also added in mass quantities of green tea. Warning, it can be really strong. Add Stevia or honey (honey from your area is best, don't buy the cute grocery store bear honey). I like the flavored green tea.

So, here we go again, reckon how long it will last? Bets?