Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fun + Fit + Friends

I need motivation. I need accountability. I need friends. I love my husband. I love my daughter. But, the good Lord knows I need my girl time. As you age (or as I've aged), priorities have changed. Things that were once so important, just really have no substance any more. Like, hanging out with friends at the bar. Yes, I like to have a cocktail now and then but, do I want to be caught up in the cat and mouse hype? Nope. I want an opportunity to see my girlfriends and not have to compete with all the random Joes and that crazy loud music.

I started reading Gabby Reese's book My Foot is Too Big For The Glass Slipper and she talks about the importance of female friendships and fitness. She hosts a weekly fitness group, at no charge, open to women. I've thought about this for a week now, after reading it. I thought, I can freaking do this. I have to do this.

I hired a fabulous personal trainer to work with for a month. Yes, loser, one month. But, I could not wrap myself around spending the extra money on working out. Then, my teeth started falling out my head and I had some extreme dental bills that were a must. So, I had to stop my tri-weekly trainer visits. After that, I've kinda sucked at physical activity...well, that and I really like Mexican food.

Here we are. I've done it. I created a Facebook Group and it's official. A time for women to get fit, meet new people, connect, socialize and share. Positive people working together.

I am pumped.

If you are in my area & want to join.. come on!